Friday 25th April 2014,

[MAGAZINE] New interview for Red Magazine: Anna Paquin sassy, sexy, straight-talking

Anna Paquin loves the « luxury » of having a nanny.

The ‘True Blood’ actress and husband Stephen Moyer – who has daughter Lilac, 10, and son Billy, 12, from previous relationships – welcomed twins into the world last month and Anna knows she is lucky to be able to afford the help she needs with her family.

She said: « I have the luxury of being able to afford the help I need. I consider having a full-time, reliable job a major blessing. You will never catch me complaining about being employed. »

Anna loves the fact she and Stephen get to work together because they are « best friends ».

She told the new issue of Red magazine: « We’re best friends. If you’re going to spend the rest of your life with someone, you want it to be the person you want to hang out with all the time.

« We have a lot in common but, when it comes down to it, if that person isn’t really your buddy as well, for me, I don’t think that would work. And we spend all our time together.

« A lot of people say, ‘Oh, I could never work with my significant other’, but I love getting to go to work with the person I want to spend all my time with.’  »

One of the reasons why Anna loves her husband is because of his « Englishness ».

She said: « He’s as English as they come, very polite, very well-mannered. He’s a very nice English husband – and very attractive. »

“I am a happily married woman and I married a man. I don’t think that negates that aspect of my life, but obviously I wouldn’t be with my husband if I didn’t want to be married to a man,” she explained.

“Some people find it odd that you can identify with a sexual orientation that is not straight and yet be married to someone of the opposite sex. They’re like, ‘Obviously it’s not real if you’re married to a dude’. That’s not my problem. I’m like, ‘Okay, if that’s how you feel, there’s nothing I can do about it’. I’m just living my life,” Paquin said.

The 30-year-old also said realizing her sexual orientation as a teenager was not an “Oh my God moment”, adding: “It’s just part of who I am.”

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